GLONASS installation

Our customers are not bored during installation! What did we do for that? Nothing special, but our setting stations are also a wi-fi router with free wi-fi connection. Wi-fi is available 24/7, so our clients are not dull. Feel free to use unlimited internet access if you are lucky enough to come across our cars on the roads. We have found out what our clients tend to do while installation, but we still wonder what our staff do…?

Our skillful specialist arrives in time to the place where the vehicle for installation is located.

The process of installation varies depending on the vehicle types. It happens that vehicles of the same brand are equipped in different ways. We rely on the customer's request. If it is required to install the device asap we put it under the dashboard. Our mission is to hide it so that even an experienced electrician can’t find the device. If we have enough time, we try to reach the most inaccessible places in the vehicle and put it there. The time of installation depends on the functions. The following packages are available:

Our best installation results:

The fastest installation of “Vehicle monitoring” package: 

  • 13 minutes 20 seconds (Logan) 
  • 17 minutes (Chevrolet Aveo)
  • 19 minutes 40 seconds (Nissan GT-R)

There is no vehicle that has been equipped for more than 1 hour. We should mention that Mercedes-Benz S class, BMW 6 and 7 are the most difficult in terms of installation. The fastest installation of “ Remote engine shutoff” package:

  • Chevlrolet Aveo - 20 minutes;
  • Hyundai Solaris - 21 minutes;
  • Kamaz -  24 minutes (Kamaz with a remote engine shutoff is a not common case);
  • Nissan Almera -  40 minutes

It is not a special task for us to install the device urgently. Our results are the consequences of long-term experience. Our staff are aware of the popular vehicle brands' peculiarities, so it is an easy task for them to install the device within the given time frame. Our specialists install the equipment  without visible changes. In addition, monitoring system installation does not influence vehicle warranty and a car remains fully operational.

The price of installation:

  • GPS tracker - 1500 rub.;
  • Fuel level sensor - 2000 rub.;
  • Remote engine shutoff/engine blocking - 1800 rub.;
  • GPS tracker - for free.

Our specialists will bring you not only all necessary equipment but also dozen of positive emotions! See you soon!